Top 8 Lame/Cool Game Peripherals


8. U-Force
What can I say, the best intentions were there, but this thing sucks. It was supposed to make you feel like you were in the game, but came off like you were in Hell, so I guess if you are playing a game where you are, in fact in Hell then this may be the greatest game add-on ever. Plus you look like those one guys from Time Cop.
So a keyboard controller piece now is a great thing, it allows you to more easily communicate with people all over the world and they won’t have to hear your nasally geek voice. If only this Dreamcast Peripheral had an ounce of that in it it wouldn’t be the suck-fest it is, even worse it’s flagship title was Typing of the Dead, a horrible Resident Evil knockoff that you had to type phrases to play. LEARNING AHHHGGG!

6.Laser Scope

So this was gonna be the thing that blew the Zapper away, too bad it’s the most inaccurate piece of crap on the planet, plus you had to carry it like a bazooka. EXERCISE AHHHHGGG!
5. Power Glove

Everyone hates this, besides that weird mullet kid in The Wizard, this thing did not work, it was for tiny little hands and it made you look like a gay robot.


4. Rumble Pack

Sure this doesn’t seem so cool now since every controller we use has a rumble pack now, but when this came out it was like video games were so much more real now. I use to hook it up to Goldeneye and let rumble every time I karate chopped someone to death as Oddjob.
3.Game Genie
Before the Internet cheating was expensive, you had to buy cheat books or have a subscription to Nintendo Power,. Whats a poor kid to do? The GAME GENIE! Although It didn’t let you wear sweet clothes like the commercial showed it did allow you to actually finish level one on Battletoads.
2. Rock Band
Never before has fake instrument playing been so fun, whether it’s hearing your significant other do a Pearl Jam Impression, Your fat friend scream Beastie Boys at the top of his lungs, or make up your own lyrics because Red Hot Chilli Peppers sing to fast nothing is as fun as Rockband or Guitar Hero with a group of good friends. Hand Cramp!


So this may seem archaic and ridiculous to most, but why is this the best gun for a video game? I owned Time Crisis and it’s gun was shit, yet I can take out ducks all day long with this bad boy.

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