Dream Cast: The Tick

So, everyone liked the Tick right? Well, I decided to see what a movie made after the epic TV show would be like, hopefully better than the live action TV show.
The Tick – Patrick Warburton
This guy was perfect for this role during the ill fated live action show, so I stayed with him, plus who doesn’t like this guy?

Arthur – Tony Shalub
Arthur is neurotic, pudgy, and scared of almost everything. Watch Monk and you’ll see he’s perfect for this role.
American Maid – Morena Baccarin
American Maid needs to be tough and beautiful, and being a big fan of Firefly and a marginal fan of V I believe she can do this with her eyes closed.
Sewer Urchin – Ben Stiller
Sewer Urchin is a parody of Rain Man’s Dustin Hoffman character. Since Hoffman is a little to old to do this I went with the next  best thing, his movie son, Ben Stiller

Die Fledermaus – Matthew Perry
Although I was a fan of  the live action adaptation, Bat-Manuel, I think going with the classic “faint every time something big happens” character from the cartoon would be better, and Matthew Perry would do well.
Human Bullet – Bruce Campbell
More of a cameo than a role, he would show up at the beginning with the classic “fire me boy” and wouldn’t reappear until the end when he deals the finishing blow to one of the movies villains.

Chairface Chippendale – Anthony Head
Anthony Heads great British voice would do justice to the Ticks most evil villain. Chairface would lead the incarcerated villains to destroy the heroes in an epic battle of titans!
Brainchild – Evan Peters
The “brains” of the team Brainchild would be played by Evan Peters of fame, he helps to devise the plan to stop all the heroes.
The Terror – Abe Vigoda
The Terror is from the old school days of villainy, a really old school. He joins the team in hopes to relive his glory days

El Seed – Antonio Banderas
The charismatic “chemist” of the team developed the serum to control the teams power houses, Proto Clown and Dinosaur Neil, and since Ricardo Montalban is no longer with us I went with the next best thing, Antonio Banderas.
Proto Clown – Andrew Baranoski
Proto Clown is basically the Hulk dressed like a clown and who hates to be laughed at. Baranowski is huge and I think could portray the rampaging funny man easily.
Dinosaur Neil –
One of Ticks strongest villains is not a villain at all, just a friendly archaeologist whom Tick loves. El Seed devolps a serum which causes him to revert back into his Dinosaur form and the heroes must stop him again.

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  1. Love that you picked Antonio and Abe Vigoda and of course Robin Williams….not bad.

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