XBox 360: Nov. 4th dashboard update includes anti-piracy measures

With Kinect comes new software updates. November 4 brings Kinect compatibility software to all 360s, and includes a coded live banning system into the dashboard that will detect whether or not you have a flashed DVD drive (used to play burned games).

If your DVD firmware does not match up with what Microsoft has on file, you will be banned from XBox Live. This will detect the currently undetectable iXtreme LT firmware. If you pirate games for the 360, think twice about updating your console after the fourth of November.

I guess it could go without saying, but I’ll put it out there anyway: no need to worry about anything if you buy all your games.

[Source: Gameolosophy]

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  1. We’ll see. Since the dash has been leaked, we have time to find how it’s detected and send out a fix.

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