Last One Standing: Batman VS Rorschach

This month’s Last One Standing is between the two most ruthless urban heroes out there. Rorschach, the no holds barred, do anything Vigilante from Watchmen VS Batman, the peak of human perfection billionaire who uses the rage of his murdered parents to protect his city.


Secret identity: Billionaire play boy Bruce Wayne.

Trained by: Depending on version, Ra’s Al Ghul, the best martial artist money can offer, and the street.

Motivation: Death of parents by a criminal and watching while his city is slowly destroyed by crime.

Gadgets: Batarang, Bat-rope, Bat-Grappling gun, Bat-bola, Bat-Mobile, Bat-shark repellent.

Overall look: Dark and simple yet fantastic, pointy eared cowl and a jagged ended cape.

Cool line: “I’m the God damn Batman!”

Embarrassing secret: Keeps adopting little boys in short shorts, one of them got beat to death with a crowbar by a clown.

What’s he doing now: Time traveling and creating a Batman force.

Recurring Villains: The Joker, Ra’s Al Ghul, Catwoman, Two-Face, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, etc.

Most violent act: Once broke a man’s neck by crushing it against a window sill with his bat boot.


Trained by: The street and old friend Owlman

Motivation: Disgust in humanity fuels him to destroy those plaguing it with crime.

Gadgets: Grappling hook gun, coat hanger, pepper, bug spray and a match, deep fryer.

Overall look: Urban, almost normal with his trench coat and fedora, until you see his constantly moving mask.

Cool line: “Give me the smallest finger on a man’s hand and I’ll produce information, no computer necessary”.

Embarrassing secret: He’s pretty short, his mask is made out of an old dress, and he’s a ginger.

What’s he doing now: Still a large bloody stain on the snow.

Recurring Villains: Moloch the Magician, The Top Knots, Captain Carnage (he pushed him down an elevator shaft).

Most violent act: Giving a saw to a man who murdered a child while handcuffed to a boiler and setting the place on fire giving the man a choice cut off his arm or burn. If you watched the movie, slamming a meat cleaver into a man who murdered a child’s head until just pulp was left. Oh and killing two child eating dogs who belong to a man who murdered a child. Did I mention the man murdered a child?

Winner: Batman, the superior training and discipline beats out Rorschach’s chaos.

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  1. Roarschach is more logical then batman and is more cunning plus he is spontaneous and can make weapons out of anything around him and on top of that he is a genius with a one track mind my vote is on Rorschach. O’ and don’t forget he is trained in boxing acrobatics and street fighting

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