Geekly Forecast: Salt

This is the new Angelina Jolie action thriller that has everyone asking “who is Salt?” Great tagline, since I have no idea what this movie was about based on the trailers alone. Turns out, this movie is about a CIA operative who is being accused of being a Russian sleeper agent. Sounds boring, sorry.

My opinion on this movie was summed great by a poster I saw on See it below.

How will it do? It will fail hands down. Inception, Despicable Me, Twilight, even Predators, will tear this boring movie apart. Sorry, I like the director’s past work and I like the actors, but how many times have we seen this movie? Do we really need another?┬áNo, and hopefully after this movie crashes, we won’t see another until the next Mission Impossible, James Bond, or Bourne movie comes out.

Well… at least a couple of people will get to see Valhalla Rising which looks cool.

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