Stabbed in the head and still alive, a story to tell the grandchildren.

x-ray-rex-smvHe was stabbed in the head at a cyber cafe. (Nothing good can happen in cyber cafes, I’ve come to believe.)

Xiao Wei, a 16-year-old Chinese boy, was playing Counter-Strike against opponents in the same Mishazi cafe with a friend. A group of said opponents walked over to the pair and accused Xiao and his friend of using a software hack to cheat and win their matches.

The argument was dragged outside, where the stabbing occurred. Strangely enough, Xiao stayed conscious with the 14cm blade sticking into skull until he was put under for surgery. The blade didn’t come in contact with any main arteries or nerves, but the doctors did say there might be post-surgery complications.

Xiao’s friend was stabbed in the arm during the fight.

1) The gamers in that cafe take their Counter-Strike seriously.

2) The gamers in that cafe are a little stab-happy.

3) I wonder what kind of scar that’s going to leave…


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