Magic: The Gathering meets Legend of Zelda


I’m the only writer on this site that doesn’t have a billion Magic the Gathering cards. However, if the cards below the cut were real, there would be a great chance I would have all of them and play like a fiend. It’s too bad there’s only six cards, and not a whole set.

MagicGanondorf MagicMaskSalesman MagicMasterSword MagicLink MagicZora MagicLostWoods


[Kotaku via ZeldaInformer]

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  1. About the Ganon tokens Ganondorf puts on the battlefield if they are unblockable why do they have trample?

  2. Oh and what i forgot to say is that Zora card doesnt say what mana. It only says one mana and that doesnt mean anything.

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