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A google news search for “video game” yielded some results. No deaths, fortunately, but a little bit of crazy and and some pleasant news for gamers.

From Freep.com:

In Michigan a teen tried to punch and slash his mother with a shard of glass from a broken picture frame because she took his game console away.  She was treated at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The teen fled the home after the attack, but was caught by the sheriff department soon after.


Libraries in Ohio are starting to bring in game consoles and host gaming events to bring in children and teens and provide gaming to kids who may not have access to systems otherwise.

“The literacy aspect is huge,” Ms. Braun says in the article. “Many video games have books related to them. And there is a lot of reading that goes on with actual game play.”

It’s nice to see a story put games in a good light, and it’s nice to see non-gaming adults talking about the good effects of games. The article isn’t too long, check it out if you have a few minutes.

From Gamespy.com:

A 14-year-old boy in California decided to wield a BB Gun and steal a few bikes. He said later on he was basically recreating is own real-life version of a GTA game. Later on he was chased by the police, which he then said felt like an episode of “COPS.” He even told the cops that he was wanted to shoot one of them in the eye, but wasn’t sure how they would react.

He was apprehended without injury and booked as a juvenile.

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