Last One Standing: Lobo VS Hellboy

Two of the strongest fighters in comics are about to clash and I have the tale of the tape to tell us the victor.


Demonic spawn of Satan and a descendant of Morgan LaFey with a heart of gold

Abilities: Super strength, regeneration, minor magic incantations, fire-proof, indestructible right hand of doom.

Skills: Dabbles in magic, skilled with a sword, sloppy with a gun but shoots really big bullets.

previous victories: Has taken down numerous monsters and villains and has even told Satan to screw off.

Weaknesses: A strict sense of morality that limits him from unleashing his true power, doesn’t listen well.

unique characteristics: Sanded down horns, bright red skin, giant stone hand, and hoofed feet.


Intergalactic Bounty hunter with no inhibitions and a bad attitude.

Abilities: Super strength, Regeneration, can track anyone down even through space, has a smart space cycle that can follow his commands.

Skills: Trained in all kinds of street fighting, very skilled with a gun and a hooked chain.

Previous Victories: has taken down Superman and most of the JLA more than once, killed Santa, and Told God to Frag off.

Weaknesses: A soft spot for space dolphins and waitresses, not good against magic.

Unique Characteristics: Snow white skin, black markings on face and crazy awesome hair.

So Who wins? thats a good question, With Hellboys knowledge of magic and Lobo’s weakness to magic Hellboy has the upper Right Hand of Doom,(See what I did there). Lobo has no quells with killing what he thinks is a demon so he will go completely crazy on him which gives him the advantage over the morally conscious Hellboy . so in the end I had to choose between these two epic characters and I chose the one with more heart.


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  1. The winner is Lobo.

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