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goon4_400I will Spotlight A comic book or character that I believe people will love. This will be a monthly column in which I will give you an idea of the book and what type of reader should jump on.

The first book I will talk about is The Goon, a great book for fans of comedy, horror, or noir. its recommended for 18+ and for good reason, no book will have the amount of offensive material that still makes you feel for the characters.

I’ve been lucky enough to read The Goon from it’s humble beginnings till now in all it’s awesomeness. The Goon is a comic that isn’t getting the mainstream love it deserves, The Goon masterfully combines old school 30′ noir with the corny monster bashing of the 50’s and brings up to modern standards and throws a few thousand zombies into the mix. Although, on it’s surface The Goon seems like a comedy book it shows time and time again that it’s possibly one of the most heartfelt pieces of art in years. No other book has brought me to the point of welling up whether it be with laughter or a sincere feeling towards the characters and their real world plight mixed with the fantastic.

I suggest reading volumes 1-4 for sure and once your connected to the characters read Chinatown a beautifully written back-story that chokes me up every time.

The Goon A+ recommended for people who aren’t easily offended and fans of comedy-horror.

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