Last One Standing: Wolverine VS Darth Maul

In Last One Standing I will take two characters from pop culture and pit them against one another, I will do my best to take in all abilities, strengths, and weaknesses to give you the best outcome possible. I will not pair up two fighters if one of them is much more powerful the combatant( ie Superman vs Batman). The first fight on the bill will be one that has well known fighters.

Wolverine vs Darth Maul
Unbreakable Adamantium claws
Mystic double bladed energy sword, AKA The Lightsaber
Fighting Style
Claw at it, stab it a lot
Jump around a lot and slash stuff
Halved by
The Hulk in “Ultimate”
Obi Wan, his first appearance
What they do best
Something that isn’t pretty
Kill Jedi
Special Talents
Super healing factor, unbreakable bones, Broadway singing
Mind tricks, psychic choke, Johnny Cash like wardrobe

Okay, so Darth Maul Starts the match with superior speed, fighting skills, and long range attacks, but Wolverine can heal from whatever is thrown at him. For this match I had to make a universe altering decision, can a lightsaber cut Adamantium? I decided no for fairness’ sake, and decided that Wolverine’s fragmented mind, willpower, and healing factor cancels out Darth Maul’s Sith mind tricks.

The battle comes down to perseverance. If Wolverine can take hits long enough from the super quick and agile Maul, then he can get in the finishing blow. Darth Maul just has to focus and fight long enough to weaken Wolverine to a state in which he can sever his head. I think this battle is pretty fair, it’s all a matter of who gives up first, the berserker with the soul of a Samurai or the intensely trained Sith for which failure is not an option.

After discussing this with a few other geek friends I’ve come to the conclusion that A) Maul could leave his lightsaber in Wolverines eye socket claiming the victory or B) Wolverine slices ol’ hornhead in half Obi Wan style.

So, whats the outcome? To my dismay Wolverine is the victor; the healing factor is just too much to overcome for everyone’s second favorite Sith Apprentice.

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  1. Hm. interesting, adamantium can't be cut by lightsaber. not sure I agree, but even if it could be, I think I'd still give it to Wolverine. Maul still needs to get too close to hit, Wolv may lose an arm, but Maul can't regenerate, which pretty much means he can't be hit. Otherwise, he's well beyond toast.

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