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  • thCA6YPU5Y

    8 Best Movie Monsters

    Over many years of sci-fi and horror there have been a plethura of movie monsters to grace the screen with their terrifying or impressive presence. Some were just creative, some were a masterpiece of sculpt and latex and puppetry. Disregarding anything made with a computer […]

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  • Killer-Klowns

    8 Worst Horror Movies

    There are a lot of bad horror movies. Some are so bad they have become cult classics and college kids all across the country have invented drinking games to make them better. You could make a list that’s 300 long and tear your brain out […]

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  • halloween

    8 Easy and Geeky Pumpkin Carving Ideas Volume III

    Halloween is less than one week away.  Which means it is time, once again, for me to scour the internet for ways to proudly display our love of all things geek on our front porches this Friday night.  Feel free to check out the past two […]

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  • lost-boys

    8 Best Vampire Movie

    I have a list here of the 8 best vampire movies. It was a tough list to compile. The 20-sided-die rolls steered me toward a path I can’t say I agree with but you have to have faith in the 20-sided-die. Because if you can’t […]

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  • Werewolves-werewolves-8012477-1024-768

    8 Best Werewolf Movies

    Here’s a Halloween list of the 8 best Werewolf movies of all time. I concider myself a werewolf connoisseur so this list is as accurate as any werewolf list ever made. From my mouth to God’s ears this is truth. 8. Teen Wolf. I’m not […]

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  • Wizard World Banner

    Top 8 Highlights of Wizard World St. Louis 2014

    It is hard to believe it, but another Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con has come and gone.  This year was AMAZING!  When Wizard announced last year that they would be coming back to the 8daysageek hometown, they didn’t mention they would be bringing one […]

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  • tv static

    Top 8 Character Actors on Television

    It is time once again for an 8daysageek top 8 list!  As regular readers may have recognized, I am a huge fan of television and today’s list will be no exception.  We happen to be right in the heart of “sweeps” ratings season, and I […]

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  • halloween

    8 Easy and Geeky Pumpkin Carving Ideas Volume II

    With Halloween just five days away, it’s that time again.  It’s time for me to give the geeks out there some easy ideas for celebrating their geekdom on the face of a pumpkin.  Just like last year’s list, we’re going to try and keep ‘em […]

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  • summertv

    Top 8 Summertime Shows to Watch

    Have you been frantically checking the 8daysageek website, wondering when there would be a new top 8 list?  Have you been scratching yourself like a meth addict needing a fix, awaiting my completely biased opinions on whatever geeky topic suits my fancy this week?  Well, […]

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  • hotmail

    Top 8 Relics of the Internet

    This week Microsoft officially announced the death of Hotmail.  At one time the service giant was the most popular email client on the internet, but soon found itself lagging behind competitors such as Yahoo and Gmail.  Finally, after 16 years Microsoft has decided to do […]

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  • failure

    8 Worst Superhero Movies

    It has been a few weeks since I wrote a top eight list.  I know you’ve all been clamoring for a new installment, so this week I shall oblige.  We are only two weeks away from the next Iron Man sequel and only two months […]

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  • st-louis-comic-con

    Top 8 Events to look Forward to at Wizard World St. Louis

    Next weekend, the famous Wizard World Comic Convention will be making its first ever appearance in St. Louis.  As many of you know, this is the hometown of many of the staff here at 8daysageek and we couldn’t be happier to welcome the con to […]

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  • test screen

    8 Cult TV Shows That Deserve to be Revived

    This week I read an article that said they will be filming the pilot episode for the upcoming Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World.  This is of course a spinoff of the cult classic sitcom from the 90’s, Boy Meets World, starring Ben Savage and […]

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  • bad science

    Top 8 Scientifically Flawed Films

    Last week the Earth was just missed (in spatial distances) by an asteroid that was 30 meters across and 190,000 tons.  On the very same day a meteor 55 feet across and weighing 10,000 tons exploded above Chelyabinsk, Russia, releasing energy thirty times the amount […]

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  • cancelled

    Top 8 Shows that Deserve to be Cancelled

    Every television season we witness the major networks cancel shows that have been on the air for some time, shows that have just debuted, shows that have seen their ratings plummet, and shows that never had any ratings to speak of in the first place.  […]

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  • system failure

    Top 8 Video Game Console Failures

    This week Playstation announced that later this month they would be making an even BIGGER announcement about the company’s future gaming device.  Besides Playstation, there is a litany of other gaming devices slated to possibly hit the market within the year.  This includes the Ouya, […]

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  • coming soon

    Top 8 Geek Films to Look Forward to in 2013

    The new year is upon us and if you read any of the recent lists on our illustrious website, you probably came across the countdown of 2012’s best and worst movies.  This coming year shows quite a bit of geek promise in the cinematic arena. […]

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  • Best-of-2012

    Top 8 New TV Shows of 2012

    As 2012 draws to a close, it’s time for year-end countdowns.  Seeing as that I am the resident television guy here at 8daysageek, I’m going to use my soapbox this week to countdown the top eight new television shows that debuted this year.  Most made […]

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  • christmas gifts

    8 Last Minute Geek Gifts

    It’s December 21st and the Mayans were wrong.  Did you procrastinate in your Christmas shopping duties, expecting the end of the world to relieve you of the burden?  No need to worry, my friend.  I shall be your savior this week by counting down eight […]

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  • Christmas-Wallpaper-christmas-450022_1600_1200

    On the 6th day before Christmas, my true love gave to me, movies and TV to see…

    This time of year our televisions are awash with crappy holiday movies and television shows. In order to combat this, and give the geek something to celebrate the season, I’ve compiled this list of alternate holiday viewing just for the geek. 10. The Muppet Christmas […]

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