Geekly Forecast: Salt

This is the new Angelina Jolie action thriller that has everyone asking “who is Salt?” Great tagline, since I have no idea what this movie was about based on the trailers alone. Turns out, this movie is about a CIA operative who is being accused of being a Russian sleeper agent. Sounds boring, sorry.

My opinion on this movie was summed great by a poster I saw on See it below.

How will it do? It will fail hands down. Inception, Despicable Me, Twilight, even Predators, will tear this boring movie apart. Sorry, I like the director’s past work and I like the actors, but how many times have we seen this movie? Do we really need another? No, and hopefully after this movie crashes, we won’t see another until the next Mission Impossible, James Bond, or Bourne movie comes out.

Well… at least a couple of people will get to see Valhalla Rising which looks cool.

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